Flood Renovation Sees Goodna Home Transformed

  • by: Belinda Seeney
  • From: Quest Newspapers
  • April 20, 2012 2:35PM
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When Mal and Hilda Carnell began building their Goodna home in 1974, flood waters passed through the just-constructed frame but left no lasting damage.

When floods again hit their home in January 2011, they weren’t so lucky.

Builder and family friend of 30 years Paul Garside recalled how last year’s flood waters rose above the roof, forcing the Carnells to gut their house completely.

“I don’t think anyone can ever be prepared for the reality of a flood to sink in,” Mr Garside said.

“Though the decision was hard for the owners to rebuild in the same area, this was their home.”

Once the thick mud and debris were cleared away, an army of family, friends and volunteers set about drying, sanding and restoring the  floorboards.

Ruined carpet was replaced with porcelain floor tiles to separate the bathrooms from the hallways and main living areas.

Mr Garside said walls were knocked out to open up the house and a skylight  was installed in the main bathroom to increase natural light.

The front living area of the house was completely rebuilt with large windows and recessed niches in walls as well as a built-in sewing bench for Mrs Carnell’s favourite pastime.

The house’s exterior also benefited from the makeover with a rendered look, new windows at the front of the house and the roof repaired and repainted.